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The Perfect 2 Days in Singapore Itinerary for First Timers

Only 2 days in Singapore? No worries: this Singapore itinerary will guide you through the best things to do in Singapore for first timers and what to see in Singapore in 2 days.

Singapore is the smallest country or city-state in Southeast Asia, but it’s one of those cases where size doesn’t really matter… Despite being small in size, there are many world-class attractions in store for anyone who visits.

This is a cosmopolitan city-state that gained independence from Britain in 1965. Since then, Singapore has transformed itself to become one of the most powerful economic centers not just in Asia but in the world. It’s a center for banking, finance, and commerce, and also one of the top five most visited destinations in the world!

The popularity of Singapore as a tourism destination is attributed to its melting pot of cultures. It has varying influences from the British, Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures. It also has a deep-rooted Peranakan culture that is still evident and beautifully preserved despite the fact that it is now a buzzing, modern metropolis.

How to Get Around Singapore

Singapore boasts one of the most efficient transport systems in the world, which makes it super easy to get around. Some even say that it’s the best in the world! This comes very helpful if you want to squeeze in as many sights as possible in two days. These are all your options.

Metro: This is the best way to get around Singapore – it’s fast, cheap, and convenient. The rail network in Singapore is highly extensive, so you can pretty much get anywhere. Most of the attractions in Singapore are easily accessible to and from the MRT station.

An average trip will cost SG $3 but if you purchase the Singapore Tourist Pass, you can travel anywhere via MRT for one full day. The pass costs SG $10 per day or SG $16 for two days. You will be asked to pay an SG $10 deposit, although it is refunded once you return the card. 

Bus: This is another great transportation option in Singapore, especially if you want to sightsee while moving around. Just like the rail network, the bus system is efficient and extensive. You can also use your Singapore Tourist Pass on buses, not just on the metro. You can pay the bus in cash but make sure to provide the exact change. Most bus trips would cost you anywhere from SG $1.5 to SG $2.5.

Taxis: If you want comfort and convenience when traveling, taxi is a great transportation option and there are many of them in Singapore. Be warned though – taxis are not cheap in Singapore! They have metered cabs that might have surcharges, too (it varies on the time and destination). In my opinion, Grab provides much better value for money for the same kind of service- see below.

Grab: Uber in Southeast Asia got sold to Grab a couple of years ago, and now Grab is the largest transportation network company operating in Singapore. This ride-hailing app is a convenient way for tourists to get a ride from anywhere in Singapore and to any destination. When we lived in Chiang Mai, we used Grab almost daily!

The best part about using Grab is that you can see the estimated fare on your ride based on your starting point and destination. That way, you know exactly how much a single trip will cost prior to confirming your booking, no haggling needed. If you want to skip the hassle of walking to and from the MRT station, then Grab is a good option, and much cheaper than taxis.

Trishaws: While these are no longer popular or common in Singapore, you can still find them in some tourist routes. A 30-minute ride will cost you around SG $40. Not recommended, to be honest with you.

And when you are done in Singapore, check out down here what’s the best way to get to your next destination.

2-Day Itinerary in Singapore

To be honest, there is so much to see and do for such a small city-state. Spending two days in Singapore is just not enough to experience the best of what it can offer. But if you only have two days to spare, you should be able to have a fun, memorable, and enriching experience.

You have just one day? Check out my one day in Singapore itinerary!

A two-day itinerary in Singapore consists of a mixture of iconic landmarks, heritage architecture, rooftop bars, shopping, and plenty of local food. Known as a ‘Garden City’, Singapore is also perfect for those looking for urban green spaces. It has everything you could look for in a tourist destination…and more. 

If you prefer to start with a guided tour of Singapore before exploring the city on your own, these are the best-rated tours of Singapore:

Singapore Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
Singapore Small Group Bike Tour
Singapore: Famous Sights and Secrets Private Tour

Day 1 in Singapore

8 AM: Walk Around Chinatown

Start off your first day in Singapore with some cultural exploration. You’ll get to know the history and cultural heritage of Singapore’s past when you head to Chinatown. This is one of the most colorful and vibrant parts of Singapore, and it really needs to be included in your Singapore itinerary.

Chinatown makes up about three quarters of the entire population of Singapore. Delicious street food, Buddhist temples, and cultural heritage centers are what make Chinatown a special place.

➤ Head to Chinatown Complex Food Court or the Maxwell Food Centre for brunch or early lunch. These are the two most popular hawker centers in Chinatown, which are pretty much food centers where you can enjoy great food and fresh fruit juices at very reasonable prices. In a city as expensive as Singapore, you can understand how popular these centers are, mostly for locals but for tourists as well. Let the aroma guide you as you navigate your way through different food stalls in search of the best dishes to satisfy your palate.

The Hainanese Chicken Rice is a must-eat dish when you are in Singapore. For the best ones in the city, make sure to order from Tian Tian Chicken Rice (Michelin-starred!) at Maxwell Food Centre. Be warned, there’s always a line, but it goes really fast, so don’t be afraid to join the line. You’ll be rewarded with the best-tasting Hainanese Chicken Rice.

If you opt to visit the Chinatown Complex instead, don’t fret because there are over 260 food stalls to choose from. Located on the second floor of the building, you can indulge your taste buds in a variety of Singapore street food dishes. From the famed Hainanese Chicken Rice and char kway teow ( stir-fried rice cake strips) trust me, you won’t go hungry.

➤ You can also make it more fun by going on a food tour through Chinatown where you’ll get to try the traditional breakfast of sweet kaya toast and 5 Singaporean dishes with a local guide. Note that this tour only runs on Tuesdays. BOOK IT HERE

If you can’t make it on a Tuesday, check out this other option.

Once your belly is full from all the delicious food in Chinatown, burn off some calories by going temple-hopping. The Chinatown area is filled with a few important temples that are open to the public. 

➤ Let’s start with one that might not be exactly what you were expecting from Chinatown… Sri Mariamman Temple which is the first and oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. This temple was constructed in the early 19th century by immigrants from Southern India. It’s super colorful anddecorated with ornate sculptures of Hindu mythological figures. You can enter and walk around the temple. Admission is free so you can visit any time, but come back at night if you’re interested in witnessing Hindu rituals.

➤ Another old temple that is a must when in Chinatown is the Thian Hock Keng Temple. This is the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore, it was built during the mid-19th century. The temple is a grandiose showcase of Chinese architectural styles from the Southern region, but the most impressive aspect about it was that it was built without using a single nail!

➤ Complete your temple-hopping experience in Chinatown with a visit to one of the most photographed temples in the area, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. This temple is hard to miss as it’s built on the corner of the South Bridge Road.

This is not an ancient temple, it was built just in 1989, but it’s important for the locals. It features the traditional Tang-style design (it can be recognized thanks to its red lacquered walls), and as the name suggests, it houses the sacred Buddha tooth relic. There is also a museum you can explore within the temple. Entrance is free.

➤ You can also shuffle this itinerary around and visit Chinatown at night. Check out the Singapore Chinatown Night Tour: Dinner, Trishaw & Boat Ride. This dynamic tour includes a river cruise, dinner at a traditional restaurant, and a trishaw ride with a guide. BOOK IT HERE

The Chinatown MRT Station is the nearest MRT station.

10:30 AM: Check Out the Peranakan Shophouses

From Chinatown, you are off to more sightseeing – this time with traditional shophouses in Craig Road and Blair Road.

Craig Road is located within the Tanjong Pagar historic district, and it’s a great place to visit if you want to check out the colorful shophouses in the area.

➤ Another street to check out is Blair Road. Like in Craig Road, this one is filled with rows of colonial shophouses. The shophouses boast beautiful sculptural details that have been carefully preserved over the years. These architectural styles reflect the blend of Chinese, Malay, and European influences. These streets are a sort of time capsule, and perfect for the ‘Gram – it’s definitely one of my favorite places to visit in Singapore.

➤ Another must-see destination for the same kind of attraction is Joo Chiat Road. This part of Singapore is one of the most photographed attractions in Singapore. If you are traveling from Chinatown, though, it’s a bit far (approximately 9 kilometers away), while Craig Road and Blair Road are less than a kilometer away. According to me the Joo Chiat Road shophouses are the best ones for pictures, but it really depends how much this is a priority for you!

The nearest MRT station to Joo Chiat Road is the Paya Lebar MRT Station.

12.30 PM: Explore Singapore’s Creative Hub: Arab Street

➤ For the creative spirit in you,check out Singapore’s longtime creative hub – Arab Street. This is a hip neighborhood with enough culture and history mixed in, where traditional stores are mixed with fancy cafes and hip boutiques . Arab Street though doesn’t refer to this street only, as the area also includes the rich cultural heritage of Kampong Glam, Haji Lane, and Muscat Street. With its collection of fabric and textile shops, aromatic Arabic tea shops, and row of Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants, it’s clear that this is Singapore’s unofficial Muslim quarter.

➤ At the heart of Arab Street is the Masjid Sultan Mosque – another place to visit in an already vibrant part of Singapore. With over two centuries worth of history, it is a special place not just within the Muslim community. It’s currently considered as the national mosque of Singapore as it was built during the early years of Singaporean history.

Note: The nearest MRT Station to Arab Street is the Bugis MRT Station.

3 PM: A Few Alternatives for Your First Afternoon in Singapore

In the afternoon, you can choose one of three destinations, depending on your preference.

• Have Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

➤ The first option is the Universal Studios Singapore. This is a popular themed park that is located in Sentosa Island, Singapore. There are 28 rides to choose from within 7 themed zones. You can also enjoy various shows and attractions scheduled at various parts of the park during the day. It’s a ton of fun for both kids and adults.

There are also many food and dining experiences available to choose from within the park, most of them themed as well.

I suggest booking your ticket online so you don’t have to wait in line. There are a couple of options:

➤ For the standard Universal Studios Singapore Entry Ticket, I suggest booking it on Get Your Guide. The ticket is two dollars more expensive than on Klook, but on Get Your Guide you can cancel and get a full refund up to 24 hours before, which is not possible with Klook. Since plans change, it’s better to have this flexibility. BUY IT HERE

➤ Prefer to upgrade your experience? Then go for the Universal Studios Singapore Express Pass, that will let you skip the line
In this case, you’ll save a considerable amount of money (over $20) by buying your ticket on Klook (and in any case Get Your Guide doesn’t offer a free cancellation for this specific ticket).
Note that you have to buy both the standard ticket and the express pass separately, the express pass by itself won’t grant you entrance to the park. The two tickets combined cost less than $100, while the all-in-one express ticket on Get Your Guide costs over $120. The ticket also includes a free shuttle service to Sentosa.

The nearest MRT Station to Universal Studios is the Harbourfront MRT Station in Sentosa Island.

• Singapore Botanic Gardens: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

➤ But if you prefer a more laid back way to spend your afternoon, head to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This is a perfect example why Singapore is known as the “Garden City”. It is a 160-year old tropical garden developed on reclaimed land. It is the only garden in the world that is named UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the only heritage site in Singapore. 

➤ While exploring the gardens, you cannot afford to skip the National Orchid Garden. It is filled with over 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids of orchids on display. There are also larger-than-life installations that are photo-worthy spots. 

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is open from 5AM to 12 MN for free, but there is an entrance fee of SG $5 for the National Orchid Garden.

The nearest MRT Station to Singapore Botanic Gardens is Botanic Gardens MRT Station.

• Discover the Historical City Hall Area

If you prefer to stay closer, head to the city hall area. You will find a rich collection of attractions to fill your time, especially if you are into history.

➤ First on the list is the popular Raffles Hotel. Together with Marina Bay Sands, this is the most famous hotel in Singapore. It’s one of the first luxury hotels built during the colonial era, which inspired many other luxury hotels. When you are here, don’t forget to sample the famous Singapore Sling at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel, or have a luxury afternoon tea… it’ll almost feel like you’re in London!

The nearest MRT Station to Raffles Hotel is the Raffles Place MRT Station.

➤Another historical landmark in Singapore is Fort Canning Park. Steeped in history, it’s s more than just a green space. You will stumble upon historical insights and relics throughout the park grounds. Entrance is free.

➤ The Old Parliament Building in Singapore is now known as The Arts House. The building itself is historic as it was built in 1827 and was known as the oldest government building. This used to be the home of the Parliament of Singapore until it moved to the adjacent building in 1999. Today, it’s been converted into an arts venue for multiple disciplines and was re-named to The Arts House. 

➤ Another historic building within the central business district of Singapore is the St. Andrew’s Cathedral. This is an Anglican cathedral and the largest cathedral in Singapore, which was designated as a National Monument of Singapore in 1973. 

➤ Another important historical building that is worthy of a visit while exploring the central business district of Singapore is the Old Hill Street Police Station. Something curios about this building: it features 927 windows with different colors for each. The colors of the windows for the first four stories are of the same intensity but it gradually intensifies the higher the floors get. This building has also recently become a mecca for Instagrammers because it’s so colorful that makes for fun pictures.

➤ If you’d rather learn more about the history of Singapore with a licensed guide, check out the Singapore’s Old Colonial District Walking Tour. BOOK IT HERE

7 PM: Food & Drinks at Clarke Quay

When night comes, head back to Clarke Quay. This is the riverside district of Singapore known for its vibrant nightlife and great dining selection. There’s a good mix of cuisines offered by the different restaurants here so you will find one to satisfy whatever cuisine you are craving for.

➤ If you want to enjoy Chinese hotpot, head to Haidilao. For those in search of Mexican flavors, find your favorite taco dish at Señor Taco, a food stand that has been around for a decade.

➤ If you are looking for dining options that combine great food with chic ambiance, head to FOC Restaurant, Prive, or Violent Oon Satay Bar and Grill.

➤ There are also numerous Japanese restaurants in Clarke Quay for all budget types namely Mitsuba, Marutama, Tomo Izakaya, and Shinzo Japanese Cuisine.

➤ And of course, you cannot go to Singapore without trying the famous chili crab dish. In Clarke Quay, there are a few options to taste them including Jumbo Restaurant Clarke Quay, Red House Seafood Restaurant, and No Signboard Seafood.

➤ If you want to stay a little longer, enjoy a few rounds of cocktail drinks at any of the bars and pubs in Clarke Quay. You can check out McGettigan’s CQ or Crazy Elephant.

➤ Another way you can explore the area is by taking a 40-minute river cruise that departs from Clarke Quay. You’ll see Singapore from a different perspective. This can also be a night activity as the last cruise departs at 10.30 PM. BOOK IT HERE

The nearest MRT Station to Clarke Quay is the Clarke Quay MRT Station.

Day 2 in Singapore

9 AM: Visit the Iconic Gardens by the Bay

Start off your second day in Singapore with a lovely stroll at the most famous attraction in this city-state: Gardens by the Bay. This 101-hectare massive garden is a nature park located next to the Marina Reservoir.

➤ Stand in awe as you witness the beauty of the iconic SuperTree Grove, which resemble towering trees. It is the perfect example of how nature and technology combine to create one stunning attraction.

Aside from the SuperTree Grove, there are two cooled conservatories that you can enter to explore more flora from all over the world. You can purchase one ticket to get access to both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The ticket price is S$28 for adults. 

➤ The Flower Dome is known as the largest greenhouse in the world according to Guinness World Records. The displays of flora species change throughout the year with the seasons, so you could come a few times and discover something new every time. The indoor temperature at the Flower Dome is 23-25 degrees Celsius.

➤ Step into a different kind of world and atmosphere the moment you walk into the Cloud Forest. You’ll uncover hidden floral gems and diverse vegetation at every corner and turn. This is your opportunity to learn more about and get close to rare plant species. The center of attraction inside the Cloud Forest Dome is the 35-meter tall mountain wrapped in thick vegetation with a waterfall.

There are also new attractions available for visitors to explore at the Gardens by the Bay. It includes the Floral Fantasy and Serene Garden.

Floral Fantasy is the newest thematic attraction known for its dream-like and fantastical experience with up to 4 diverse landscapes. Each landscape offers different concepts and installations. There is also a 4D ride that you can enjoy! The Floral Fantasy is open from 9AM to 9PM daily. The admission ticket to Floral Fantasy costs S$20.

➤ Another new attraction in Gardens by the Bay, aside from Floral Fantasy, is the Serene Garden. It is an outdoor garden attraction that aims to highlight a unique horticultural gardening technique. The garden is named as such because of its Japanese zen minimalist concept. There are various water features and different plant and tree species in the garden. You can explore Serene Garden any time you desire as it offers free admission.

➤ Finally, get up the OCBC Skyway when you are visiting the Gardens by the Bay – this is a can’t-miss experience! The Skyway is 22 meters high and provides you with panoramic vistas of the nearby Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay.

Now, a little warning. This might not be for you if you have a fear of heights. The platform moves a little when you walk on it, and Fran who doesn’t like heights was terrified.

The OCBC Skyway is open from 9 am to 9 pm. There is an admission fee of S$8 per adult.

The nearest MRT Station to Gardens by the Bay is the Bayfront MRT Station.

12 PM: Discover the Child in You at the ArtScience Museum

➤ If you have seen all there is to see at Gardens by the Bay, head to the ArtScience Museum next. These two attractions are located close to each other so getting to the museum is quick and easy. 

This is another must-see in Singapore because the museum offers an immersive virtual adventure. This is where art meets science; thus, the name of the museum. As you walk and explore inside the museum, you will uncover fascinating stories through the use of arts and science. I love science museums (the one in Lisbon is one of my favorites!), and loved that this combined art and science.

There are multiple exhibitions held throughout the year to showcase how arts and science are used in different fields including architecture, design, and technology. It is hard to miss this museum as it features a unique lotus-inspired architectural design.

The museum is open from 10 AM to 7 PM daily (except holidays) while admission fee is S$30 for 2 exhibitions.

⚠️ If you buy your admission ticket online on Klook, though, you get to save a few dollars on the official cost. BUY IT HERE

Another way you can save some money on admission is by signing up for the Marina Bay Reward program before heading to the museum. This way you’ll be entitled to buy 1 get 1 free tickets. A good option if you’re at least 2 adults traveling together!

3 PM: Shop ‘Till You Drop at Orchard Road

It’s now time for some shopping in Orchard Road! Get off either at the Orchard MRT Station or the Somerset MRT Station. If you like shopping, you’re going to be in heaven as there are tens of malls and hundreds of shops to choose from. If you don’t like shopping and you’re just accompanying someone…well, Fran wants you to know he understands your pain!

➤ Start from ION Orchard mall, one of the best places to shop for luxury brands but also an architectural wonder. If you spend a minimum of SGD $20, you have the chance to get up to ION Sky, a deck on the 56th floor which offers incredible views over the city.

Paragon Shopping Centre is another good option for shopping designer brands, while 313@Somerset Mall features more affordable brands and attracts a younger crowd.

➤ If you’re looking for a place to eat, head to the food court inside Ngee Ann City mall. Here there are all kinds of choices for all budget and taste – really a foodie’s paradise. It took Fran and me over half an hour to decide what we wanted to eat!

The nearest MRT Stations to Orchard Road are Orchard MRT Station and Somerset MRT Station.

7:30 PM: Go Wow at the Garden Rhapsody Light Show

➤ At night, head back to the Gardens by the Bay to catch the bedazzling and magical Garden Rhapsody light show. This is one of the most spectacular music and lights show you will ever witness. If you enjoyed marveling at the SuperTrees at day, these transform as the lights come alive at night. I really went wow the first time I saw this show, it really is magical.

This is a free show so that is one more reason not to miss it. The daily light show starts at 7:45 PM and 8:45 PM, but come to the first show so you can combine it with the Spectra Show.

8:30 PM: Check Out the Spectra Light Show

➤ When the show is over, head to Marina Bay Sands to witness another spectacular show, the Spectra Light Show. This free outdoor light and water show is one of the many attractions available at Marina Bay Sands, and it takes place in the waterfront at the Event Plaza.

Each show takes place for about 10-15 minutes and is a dazzling showcase of fountain jets, lasers and mist effects, and colorful visual projections. If you have to choose one of the two shows, I personally enjoy the Garden Rhapsody show better, but it really makes sense to see them both one after the other.

The Spectra Light Show is scheduled at 9 PM and is also available for free.

Where To Stay in Singapore

Book your accommodation by using the map below ⬇

When it comes to book a place to stay in Singapore, many people are shocked about how expensive Singapore is. The thing is, even if Singapore is technically in Southeast Asia, forget about finding the same prices than in Thailand or Vietnam. Most hotel rooms in Singapore cost a minimum of $100 a night, but if you want a good location on top, be prepared to shell out a few hundreds a night… or choose YOTEL Singapore Orchard Road.

YOTEL Singapore: A Full Review

Space comes at a premium in Singapore, so YOTEL Singapore found a way to make the most out of a small space. You know those hyper-cool, minimalistic hotels? YOTEL is that, without the hefty price tag. The rooms, called cabins, are in fact inspired by the first class cabins that you’d find on planes.

We’ve stayed in other minimalistic, smart hotels in the past and loved the concept, so when we found YOTEL Singapore we knew it was the perfect hotel for us.

Guests can check in and check out at the traditional desk, or speed things up and do everything by themselves thanks to the self-service kiosks. If you’re checking out but your flight is later in the afternoon, you can leave your bags at no extra charge.

We stayed in a Premium Queen View room. These rooms are just 16 sqm but pack everything necessary. Wherever you look there’s some hidden compartment with some extra accessory, for example an iron + ironing board, a folded table, a stool, and a mini fridge. It’s a lot of fun to arrive in the room and go on a treasure hunt to find all there is!

And the bed! Let’s talk abut the bed cause it’s so comfy! Every room comes with an adjustable SmartBed that goes up and down, so you can easily watch tv and use your laptop without breaking your back.

The view from the 27th floor where our room was located was just incredible. Definitely a toilet with a view thanks to the floor to ceiling window! However, there are double curtains to protect your privacy when you shower or use the bathroom, so no issues there… although it’s nice to just use one curtain and be able to enjoy a shower with a view (and both the rain shower and the Urban Skincare products are so good that you never wanna get out!).

One of the coolest parts about the hotel is the presence of two resident robots, Yoshi and Yolanda. These two are able to navigate the hotel, go up and down with the elevator, and deliver amenities to the guests.

We needed to try it out to see how it worked (Fran was excited like a kid!) so we called housekeeping and asked for some extra water and toilet paper, and 10 minutes later… ta dan! The magic happened.

The phone rang and it was Yoshi telling us to open the door and to deliver the goodies. Once we got our things, Yoshi told us Hasta la vista! and left. I can see how incredibly fun this would be for kids!

If you have breakfast included in your room rate, head to KOMYUNITI, the social hub of YOTEL. Here it’s where you eat and drink, sweat at the gym, relax at the pool, or use the coworking area to get some work done.

Breakfast is buffet style. You’ll find anything from fresh pastries, cheese and cured meat, pancakes and bacon. You’ll also find Asian breakfast items such as curry or dim sum and noodles, and an egg station to get a fresh omelette or eggs your way.

You probably didn’t come to Singapore to lay down by the pool, but it’s cool to have one to cool down (it gets hot in Singapore!) or relax by located right by KOMYUNITI.

There’s also a gym open 24/7 with modern equipment if you want to stay fit during your stay – however, you might just get all your exercise done by walking all over town like we did!

After a long day of sightseeing, if your feet hurt too much ( I know something about it!) you don’t even need to get out again for dinner. KOMYUNITI is open from 6:30 am to midnight every day, and till 1 am on Thursdays and Fridays, and it’s open to non guests as well.

For our dinner we opted for the Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl with a soft-boiled egg and Beef Skewers with mashed potato and chimichurri sauce, and both plates were very good. Prices are in line with other mid-range restaurants in Singapore.

Right behind the restaurant, there’s a coworking area that is perfect to get some work done while you are in Singapore. There are even 2 separate call rooms that gives you some extra privacy for phone calls, in fact Fran used one of them for his meeting with a client.

The location of YOTEL Singapore couldn’t be any better. The hotel is located right on Orchard Road, the main shopping area in Singapore. Just get out of your room and you’ll be surrounded by millions of stores, malls, and eateries. The Orchard MRT Station is just a 5-minute walk from the hotel, so moving around is definitely not an issue.

All in all, we thought YOTEL Singapore offered great value. Its location is unbeatable and we liked the well-organized, minimalist concept, and we’d definitely recommend it.

Rates at YOTEL Singapore start at $130 for a Queen Premium Room.

Check out RATES & AVAILABILITY for YOTEL Singapore Orchard Road.

Where are You Going After Singapore?

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We were guests of YOTEL Singapore, but all the opinions expressed here are exclusively our own. As always.

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